Worship Service

Every Friday we gather to praise God and learn from the Bible. Emphasis on the “we”. Our goal is not to create a “movie theater” atmosphere where every week you come, sit, observe, and leave. Rather our goal is build a vibrant “potluck-style” community where each student has something to contribute. Everyone can be in relationship with God, everyone has a voice, therefore everyone has something to contribute. Sometimes there will be teachings by staff members, sometimes there will be teachings by students, or sometimes everyone contributes to the teaching! Come, praise our Creator and learn from His Word.

We meet every Friday (Fall – Spring Quarter) in Heiner 208 from 1:30p – 3p. All are welcome!

CCF Social

At Whatcom Community College it can be hard to get to know your fellow classmates. Many students have jobs, live far from campus or are busy with many other things. That is why every Friday, after our Worship Meeting, we will spend a few hours hanging out! We love eating food together (especially at Boomer’s), hanging out at our Whatcom Guys Community House known as “The Outpost”, and a multitude of other activities. So, we encourage you to hang around after the Worship Meeting to get to know other students and the CCF staff even more!

Socials usually begin around 3p after the CCF service concludes.

PS You can follow us on Facebook to see what socials we have planned each week!