Talk Time


What is Talk Time? Talk Time is an event hosted by CCF for internationals and Americans. Our hope is to help internationals practice English and make American friends! Here are some answers to some common questions…

What happens at Talk Time? Game, free dinner, and conversation groups. That’s it. Pretty simple.

Who is invited to Talk Time? Any Whatcom student!

Where is Talk Time? Belleau Woods Apartments – 4018 Northwest Ave, Bellingham, WA 98226. We meet at the apartments’ clubhouse.

What time is Talk Time? 5-7pm. Meet at 4:45pm near Kelly Hall if you need a ride.

How often does Talk Time meet? About 5 Fridays every quarter. It’s usually every other week with some exceptions. Every quarter we post a schedule on our Talk Time Facebook page.

There’s a Talk Time Facebook page? YES! And it’s RIGHT HERE!

Should I go to Talk Time? Yes, yes, and yes!

What if I’m not a student, how can I help? Talk Time takes a lot of volunteers to help put this event on. We need people to help with cooking food, giving rides, cleaning, and more! If you want to know how you can help then email Kristin (link is on the right). We’d love your help!

What if I have more questions? Go ahead and send Kristin an email! She will respond as soon as she can (link is on the right).

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