Let us tell you all about Talk Time!

Talk Time is an event hosted by CCF for international students. Our hope is to help internationals practice English and make American friends! Here are some answers to some common questions…

What? Game, free dinner, and conversation groups. That’s it. Pretty simple.

Who? Any international student who wants to practice their English!

Where? Depends – usually at Birchwood Presbyterian on 400 Meadowbrook Ct. Follow our social media pages to find out for sure OR meet carpool with us.

When? About every other Friday from 5-7pm. Meet at 4:45pm near Kelly Hall if you need a ride. Follow us on Facebook to see the schedule!

How can I get updates? By following us on FACEBOOK and/or INSTAGRAM!

Should I go to Talk Time? Yes, yes, and yes!

What if I have more questions? Go ahead and send Jeff an email! He will respond as soon as he can.