| Spring Online Discipleship Class 2020 |

Still find community. Still get educated. Still draw close to Jesus.

During spring quarter’s online classes, you can still participate with us. We have teamed up with our CCF friends at Skagit Valley College to create joint club meetings that cover our most crucial content: Discipleship Class! There is some pre-meeting worship music from 3:30-4, followed with some incredible D-Class teaching content intermixed with breakout groups along the way from 4-5! And YOU are welcome to join us for our live D-Class recordings by going here and using the password: ccfdclass.

Below are recordings from past zoom meetings as well as slides and outlines for you to follow along! We will do our best to post outlines a day before the session so you can print them or have them ready to go for you when the meeting begins! See you there!

6 Realities of Jesus’ Calling For His Disciples

1. It Is Initiating – Megan Millard

2-3. One Who Is Greater; Called By Name – Jeff Jenkins

Note: Jeff’s session begins around 44 minutes.

4-5. Called With Him; It Is Purpose-Filled – Christian Castro

6. Transformed Identity – Christian Castro

Disciples Are Called To Repentance

Introduction To Repentance – Joey Kelly

Note: Joey’s session begins around 57 minutes.

Repentance Defined: Five R’s – Joey Kelly

Note: Joey’s session begins around 52 minutes.

Three Things We Learn To Renounce: Popularity, Power – Cathaleen Hansen

Three Things We Learn To Renounce: Prosperity – Johanna Welsh